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I don’t think my mom cares about me anymore. 


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last night’s dream July 30, 2014

I feel like it changed me somehow. It changed my perspective in a way and it was such a beautiful dream. I was just so happy with these two people and one of them was like just a genuinely good person who took care of me when I needed it. I felt like I knew these people but then I didn’t. What do dreams say about your life at the present moment? Honestly I think my dream has to do with listening to love songs before I went to bed. I just don’t know what to do now, that dream was amazing and I wish it was real. I need people like that in my life. 

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Jacob Jugashvili » Untitled XXII

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I have no idea where my life is going and I don’t know what to do.

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To the best week and the best campers any counselor could ask for. Thanks to these amazing people and many more for making this past week amazing and I love you all.  (at Camp Fox, Catalina Island)
me and the best friend. #nathanadrian #usaswimming  (at Santa Clara International Grand Prix Swim Meet)

kolohe andino psyched for fiji
ph: stuart johnson 

minty FRESH.

warriors of radness AW11 Collection

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