place beyond the pines
"At this age everything feels like it’s the end of the world."
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View of the Pacific from Big Sur. 

want. so hard.
"We don’t actually fear death, we fear that no one will notice our absence, that we will disappear without a trace." - T.S. Eliot (via heartofrockandroll)

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It’s not the fact that she knows, I honestly don’t care that much about it. Its that I trusted you so much and told you everything and I asked you not to tell that one thing and yet you did. It really mattered to me and now I don’t trust you and that’s what makes a friendship right? It just really sucks because now I have nobody here. grool. 

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Hawaiian shirt 70$, Mad Decent Tickets 52$, Food & Drinks 50$, Having the time of your life with your best friends and making out with the same girl as your best mate, priceless.



gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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Happy I got to go balls to the wall with my main girl. Oh yeah and Kate. #oprah  #mdbp  (at San Diego, CA)
BRICK SQUAD #mdbpsd  (at San Diego, California)
I got to see my favorite person in San Diego.  (at San Diego State University)